Feeding garlic If you're growing garlic in South Australia then chances are it's starting to look a little pale, or even yellow. This is because the garlic is starting to grow rapidly with the onset of warmer weather, and needs nitrogen to fuel that leaf growth, which will in turn grow the bulb • A few years ago Nat Wiseman from @villagegreensofwillungacreek came around for a visit and pointed this out to us, and recommended we apply a soluble, organic, high nitrogen fertiliser. On our backyard scale we use things like DIY Nettle (and other weed) Tea and a commercial product called Charlie Carp, which is made from the pest species European Carp that infests many of our waterways • We will apply a liquid feed every few weeks now until mid-October, when we stop fertilising as too much nitrogen late in the season can cause leaf growth at the expense of bulb production • If you're not growing garlic this year then remember this tip for next time, and make sure you buy some fantastic organically grown garlic from the crew at Village Greens to eat and plant out next year (harvest time is November)
3 months ago